Sunday, 10 July 2011

3 Values in Intellectual Property Laws v.07

1. Royalty value.
The scarcity of the world is not of time nor energy but of mutual solutions. There are 2 kinds of people or entities that deserve rewards; firstly the creators of solutions, secondly those who share the solutions.

These are 2 different acts, creating a solution sometimes is not as easy as just sharing the solutions. That's why people should pay royalties to those who created the solutions even when they had paid those who distribute the solutions.

2. Privacy Values.
So you created a song for your sister's wedding, and you only want to show it to family and friends but not to the public... you should have the right to do so. Ofcourse it should be obvious or made obvious that the event was private so that whatever materials in the event, people are not going to share it to strangers.

But nowadays, people want to make everything private. They even ban copying materials from one computer to a phone. This is very wrong in my opinion because, living people have memories, and memory is all about copying. It's just wrong to ban people from using their life support tools.

If you want to keep it secret, then don't share it without the recepient explicitly agreed to your terms and conditions first. That's my opinion.

3. Identity Value.
Trademarks, and Geographical indicators are laws that I don't want to complain about. They are good and I think copyright laws should be updated accordingly with them.

Say you made a funny character to advertise your Mom's product. Somebody else copied it exactly to advertise their product. That's misrepresentation of identity, because people might think that you also endorse their product.


So in my opinion people got confused of the intellectual property laws, because these values are vaguely mixed up within the way the laws are presented. Therefore there are 3 instances when payments were relevant:

1. When creators finished a working product, consumers rewarded for the care and effort.
2. When some consumers were given access to privately kept solutions, they reward for the exclusive access. Ofcourse this shouldn't apply for broadcasted materials
3. When a finished products were used to attract customers, users reward the creators for their marketing support or endorsements.