Sunday, 15 April 2012

Piracy, Who's at Loss? v.11 (after some grammatical corrections)

Many claim that piracy has cost billions of losses to the authors of softwares. Just by google searching this topic went up (16'th of April 2012).
Lets define loss, for one see merriam-webster's definition.
And, here's my definition of loss, I would separate 2 types of losses:
1. Loss as the perception or the believe that the rate of one's ability to help himself/herself has become less than previously.
2. Loss as the reality check of one's sense of entitlement.
Apparently some troll decided to propose this delusional idea that some companies whose products are so expensive, have endured billions of dollars of losses due to piracy in Indonesia. This delusional sense of entitlement is trolling, as I believe these people are smart people knowing well that the world doesn't work like that.

If many pirates in Indonesia whose income are less than 1000 USD per month, suddenly decide to stop not giving thanks to their sources of solutions, they wouldn't keep on depending on the big popular proprietary companies. They would use open source solutions, and even when they really needed to use proprietary software they'd consider the option to use one software collectively. Therefore the billions of dollars of losses of these corporations, directly due to piracy in Indonesia is delusional and is not true.

You could argue that if people have decided not to pirate, they would've had a more collaborrative lifestyles, figured out many better solutions, were much richer, have expanded their businesses and so would have had the ability to buy a lot of products including the big international expensive software products.
But even so, how could you be sure that the supposed huge sums of amounts must belong to you? This claim is just too over the top.