Friday, 10 May 2013

Respect as a form of reward

The scarcity of the world is not of time nor energy nor money but of MUTUAL solutions.
We reward authors of solutions with intellectual property rights.
This is in a way could be practical, because if we were to give money or acknowledgements to all of the sources of solutions that we enjoy, it would take tons of money for each individuals.
Therefore, because they've made the world friendlier for us, we also would make the world friendlier for them, by respecting their terms and conditions, and the law that maintains their properties and the mutuality that we enjoy.

Therefore I say that poor people who are not hostile but keep on inspiring, keep on being friendly to others, even though they don't have a job or like that, are those who are working.
The same way we respect our sources of solutions, making their world friendlier, give them intellectual property rights, obey their terms, etc... the same way these poor people are rewarding us by being friendly, lawful, and inspiring.

So these poor people are also my sources of solutions.
We don't have to pay with money all the time to make other people's world friendlier, we respect the law, we respect their interests, that's a form of payment too.

Jesus bless


  1. For me respect is putting something in their appropriate position.
    Humans as free beings
    Humans as ruler of the world

    Humans are not to bow down or being dominated by other humans

    God is the dominator of all including humans, God is Love.

    Appropriate means good forever. In appropriate position means, in a position good or supportive of the inclination to interact forever.

    The inclination to incline, the inclination to obey the inclination to incline, the inclination to differenciate between the inclination to incline and the inclination to not incline.

    Jesus bless you

    1. It's about lazyness, yes but not just that.
      Yes piracy makes you lazy, as you're not investing for long term.
      But people who pirates also work hard but selfishly.
      Because what the best of intellectual property laws are nurturing is the habit of enjoying solutions without damaging it's growth potential, plus nurturing investment in intellectual products.

      If people habitually use piracy, they would less likely to invest in local talents.
      In long term they would be clingy towards matured culture and hostile towards growing culture.
      Because they would want to dominate access to solutions, cause they were unprepared with their own (mutual solutions). They don't have it in them the preparedness or the habit of nurturing and rewarding sources of mutual solutions.

      Well we see that already but worse is yet to come, as these clingy cultures would hate independence, they would want to dominate other people. This would make them sexually aggressive, because sex is an act of uniting privacies. But a united body needs 1 ruler, so individual independence is not desirable.

      This is abomination, cause God created each of us sovereign. Jesus was a sovereign person

      Back to the clingy part, not only they would become socially aggressive, but they would work more towards magnitude and less towards sustainability.
      In order to dominate.

      On the other hand, independent spirits who invest in themselves and invest properly in sources of solutions, not trying to dominate them... they are confident people who are hedged for difficult times.
      Structurally mesh they bow only to love.

      This is the impact of piracy, you'd jeopardize your future for the sake of explosions.

  2. Child labor impacts the society similarly like piracy. The future would be full of people, lack of education, lack of nutrition, lack of solutions.
    Giving thanks to your sources of solutions would prepare you to focus on gravity based financing.
    The Word of God is like a lamp, and is like a seed, it lights up the problem exposing it's solutions. Mutual solutions are fruits sweet for Love.
    Luke 8 : 18
    Take heed therefore how ye hear: for whosoever hath, to him shall be given; and whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken even that which he seemeth to have. (seemeth to have!)

  3. In relation to my remarks about "the sharing of privacies". These from the bible:
    1 Cor 6:19, Have faith in God that He claims our Body
    1 James 1:26,27 and Rome 12:1

    Thiefs such as privacy thieves, IP thieves, may be able to grab and force your property. But as long as you are not giving nor selling your property to them. It's yours