Tuesday, 21 June 2011

I'm not too excited about making this comment, I'm sorry... but I don't think I'm wrong

comments on this youtube page,

I think piracy is not good. Imagine you have a child, who's really good at art. Really good at bringing people together and feel emphaty about each other... probably he/she could end some conflicts in Africa... But because of our generation didn't invest enough to create order that supports authors of mutual solutions / against piracy... he/she would have to compete to be a doctor, or a merchant, or a banker, or whatever it is that he/she is not.

Now imagine the actual doctors, or merchants, or bankers. The real talented guys wouldn't want to worry about competition, right? They just want to worry about creating the very very good products that they've always wanted to create. But then along came these people, who don't really care, and make them have to worry too much about politics... My point is... piracy is not good for the economy. I'm open for inputs...

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