Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Pirates = Secret Leakers v.02

Shouldn't people have the right to keep secrets? Shouldn't people have the right on regulating how their secrets be spread?

To say that breaching copyright is like breaching on property, or stealing, in my opinion is not as intuitive as saying breaching copyright is a like breaching on privacy.

Authors should have the right, to keep their work with them, and regulate how their work be shared. Like a diary, people should not read your diary without your permission.

But then musics and pictures are made available to the public. They could hear it, they could remember it... so what's wrong in keeping them in your iphones, or computers... isn't it just like taking notes on stuff? How's that breaching privacy?

So this is where the problem lies... somehow copyright wants to regulate that users shouldn't make copies on things. This is strange and very very unintuitive to the point that it feels wrong. People learn by memorizing stuff, that's copying realities, now we have all these disks that accomodates our memory and we don't get to use it? WHat an annoying rule!

Its hard for me to defend this... if you bother enforcing on rules about how people manage their memories, why worry that people who made copies might had spread the content? Just cut the no copying part, leave the don't spread it without permission part, and lets all move on with our lives.

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